• With Keshari Nath Tripathi (Indian Politician)

    Calling upon the Governor of Bengal Shri KN Tripathi.

    It was a honour to meet one of the most dedicated Leaders of this Glorious state. Apprised Gov Tripathi of the critical issues plauging Bengal. Gov. Tripathi has an eagle eye for issues and is known to be a hard task master.I wish him all the very best for the rest of his tenure.
  • With Parkash Singh Badal (Indian Politician)

    With Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal.

    From youngest Chief Minister of Punjab to being the oldest, Parkash Singh Badal has stood by people of Punjab in thick and thin. Shiromani Akali Dal has been a Sikh centric party and has stood against forces who tried to rip apart Punjab and the credit of such strong hold goes to Badal’s strength and […]
  • With Vijender Singh (Professional Boxer)

    With Champion boxer Vijender Singh in Delhi!

    “Initially everybody thinks, ‘Should I do it or should I not’. Bus shuruwat karna difficult hota hai India mein. When I turned pro, everybody followed the path thinking if I can do it, so can they. “A lot of boxers are approaching our company now. When I started, nobody was in pro boxing sphere, maybe […]
  • With Al Gore (Former Vice President of the United States)

    Meeting Vice President and friend Al-Gore in Dubai.

    Ever since i had the opportunity to assist him in his endeavours on Global warming, i was fascinated with Vice President Algore’s steadfastness towards his goal. As i knew Gore, as a young congressman from Tennessee,he learned the strike and counterstrike intricacies of the precarious Cold War nuclear balance and was a leading player in […]
  • With Ritu Ahuja and Rohit Khanna

    Ro is elected! Thank you Silicon Valley.

    After ceaseless efforts by me and our team we hereby thank you all wholeheartedly for supporting Ro khanna as our representative to Congress.Ro will surely make a great leader for the SF and the Valley Community. Three Cheers to Ro!
  • With Ro Khanna (An American Teacher, Lawyer, & Politician)

    My Support for Ro khanna! Vote for him as he is our only hope.

    America and the Valley is moving to the 21st Century. I love this Country. I thank America whole heartedly for all the oppurtunity it gave me ever since i landed on her shores at a very young age. From a very young age my father made it clear to me that ethics is a principle […]
  • Inside my private chopper

    My Take: US Presidential Elections

    Fortunately, or unfortunately there remains little doubt that Hillary Clinton will be inaugurated in January 2017 as the first female president of the US. Most opinion polls have been strongly trending that way, most notably after her Republican rival, Mr. Trump, indicated (in a not so humble manner) last week that he would accept the […]
  • With Gavin Newsom (The Lieutenant Governor of California)

    A new vision for California

    Gavin Newsom and i always had a plan to reinvigorate the Economic vision of California. Fully endorse Gavin’s Eight Pillars of Economic Success for california. Just an overview for his supporters and the public at large: Eight pillars that are essential in delivering the Next Economy, including: Gearing up Exports: Next Economy success depends on […]
  • With Gavin Newsom (Lieutenant Governor of California)

    Bill Harrison: Mayor of Fremont

      Endorsements not necessarily are the best ways to tell you like someone, but they do go along way in conveying the same message. Bill is currently doing great work adding a downtown to Fremont.Living in Fremont over the past 30 years makes me believe that Fremont continues to evolve into a strategically urban community. More […]
  • Behold the Power of Leader

    The Game of Numbers!

    THERE is more than one way to cry foul in India, and in economic affairs, the path of least resistance is to allege that the numbers have been tampered with. Most recently, the allegation of number tampering has returned with a report by an New Delhi-based think tank alleging that the GDP growth rate for […]
  • Against All Odds

    On Jan Dhan & beyond: Poverty Eradication in India

    As we embarked on a period of planning after independence, import substitution constituted a major component of India’s trade and industrial policies. Planners, more or less, chose to ignore the option of foreign trade as a stimulant of economic growth. This was primarily due to the highly pessimistic view taken on the potential of export […]
  • With Bill Gates (Business Magnate)

    After 2008, evolve or perish!

    “Boom and bust is our lot and we must follow the ancient advice. . .that Joseph gave to the Pharaoh: Put away your surplus during the years of great plenty so you will be ready for the lean years which are sure to follow.” —Governor Jerry Brown, State of the State speech, January 2014 It’s […]
  • rahul roy

    Rahul Roy – The man with a vision

    Mr. Rahul Roy is chief technology officer of ARC Document Solutions Inc, one the valley’s premier SaaS Cloud Companies for the Architectural, Engineering & Construction Industry. He is a Technology leader which has given the AEC industry leading Cloud platforms like Skysite Projectlink & Infolink. Mr. Roy is a vocal proponent of political involvement and […]
  • An Inspiring Leader

    Rahul Roy – The charismatic leader

    Rahul is a charismatic leader with an entrepreneurial inclination. Rahul has all the traits which has ushered him towards path of being the ultimate motivator and mentor apart from being a great leader. The following characteristics define the way Rahul conducts his leadership: With humility, surrendering his way when it’s not the best way With intentionality, continuing […]
  • Inspiration is the only way to be happy!

    Rahul Roy – The eminent speaker

    Rahul has always been a vociferous speaker with the vigil and tenacity to mesmerize the masses and keep them enthralled with his strong voice and perfect usage of language. Rahul is an influential speaker with an eye towards detail and with a motivational edge. The knowledge that Rahul possesses and his unconventional way of explaining any complicated […]
  • With Bill Gates (Business Magnate)

    Rahul with fellow visionaries

    Rahul had met up with eminent and fellow entrepreneurs during his journey from becoming a great entrepreneurial success. During the time when ARC came to the company owned by Rahul asking for help in needing more technology development, they wanted to invest more money in Rahul’s technical product, with that technology focused on their business. This new focus […]