Rahul Roy – The man with a vision

Mr. Rahul Roy is chief technology officer of ARC Document Solutions Inc, one the valley’s premier SaaS Cloud Companies for the Architectural, Engineering & Construction Industry.

He is a Technology leader which has given the AEC industry leading Cloud platforms like Skysite Projectlink & Infolink.

Mr. Roy is a vocal proponent of political involvement and local charity in the adopted country, America, of the many successful first-generation Indian entrepreneurs. He coordinates political fund raisers, mentors young immigrants, and funds educational charities for disadvantaged youth.

Rahul is a man with a vision and mission with an eye towards innovation. Rahul has been a serial entrepreneur, he introduced various technological innovations which were unheard of at that time in Silicon Valley. Rahul has been a part of a glorious cohort of leaders who had changed company fortunes single-handedly.

He person who can take calculated risk who can take losses but still have smiles on his face, as he is confident enough to know that he can have new gains to offset the losses. He believes that “Once you feel that your physical body is not yours, that you are just renting it from God the almighty, you then have the healthy attitude that whatever I am going to make here is not permanent. So, once you have that in the back of your mind, you’re not going to worry so much about the level of your success.”