Rahul Roy – The charismatic leader

Rahul is a charismatic leader with an entrepreneurial inclination. Rahul has all the traits which has ushered him towards path of being the ultimate motivator and mentor apart from being a great leader. The following characteristics define the way Rahul conducts his leadership:

  • With humility, surrendering his way when it’s not the best way
  • With intentionality, continuing to learn and grow as a leader
  • With compassion, considering the needs of others ahead of his own
  • With integrity, never separating character from his definition of quality or success
  • With passion, the ability to rally a team and articulate the path to victory
  • With vision, seeing things other can’t see or are afraid to pursue
  • With strength, having the discipline to follow through on commitments

Other than these Rahul has the following traits which sets him apart from the rest of the leaders:

  • Moral courage
  • Judgment
  • A sense of priority
  • The disposal and concentration of effort
  • Humor