My Support for Ro khanna! Vote for him as he is our only hope.

America and the Valley is moving to the 21st Century. I love this Country. I thank America whole heartedly for all the oppurtunity it gave me ever since i landed on her shores at a very young age. From a very young age my father made it clear to me that ethics is a principle never to be compromised upon. Even if it meant a loss of job, power, prestige so on so forth. Today as i reflect upon his teachings, i can say with conviction that he was spot on.

As a voter of California’s 17th District, we today face a choice between Ro khanna and Mike Honda. Ro who is  39, has  concrete solutions to strengthen California’s public schools and create manufacturing jobs for Americans at home. Affordable housing, education is the plinth of Ro’s campaign. Our children need quality education to rise up. We cannot afford to be divided on racial lines and violate Ethics by paying Legal fees from Campaign funds as Mike Honda has done.

Old has to make way for the new. Ro, who was also appointed by President Obama as the Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce was instrumental in the  Green Embassy program, which allowed American clean technology firms to showcase their products in our embassies overseas. Ro also served on the White House Business Council, where he worked with both business and labor for policies that promote to bring back American manufacturing jobs. He has an established track record of the same.

My earnest appeal to all voters is to vote for Ro Khanna this time. Its time for Mike Honda to move and make way for a succesful educationist and visionary to move into office.

Me and my family’s vote goes to Ro. MAKE YOURS COUNT TOO ON THE VOTING DAY!