Rahul’s Rides

Rahul always had a passion for fast cars, luxury yachts, tech-enhanced jets. Rahul believes in enjoying life to the fullest and no compromise when it is the case for transport.

Rahul owns a number of seriously fast, modern, luxury and ultimate feature rich cars. These cars serve the dual purpose of reaching a destination quick & fast as well as provides refreshment to the mind with a long distance drive. The cars are equipped with all the modern facilities hence also serve as meeting place for a quick chat with dignitaries while on the go.

Rahul owns a luxury yacht equipped with all the modern facilities for a joyous ride with friends, family and also serve alternate and informal business negotiation trips. Rahul relishes the sea because of its vastness and hence a ride on the yacht lets him relax, retrospect and take his mind off work for while.

Rahul has a private jet which he uses occasionally to travel across cities to save time and attend important meetings without any hassles. The jet consists of all the technical equipment needed for a comfortable and safe travel. Rahul also likes to ride choppers and he has done so when he visited his hometown in India for a charitable trip.