Rahul with fellow visionaries

Rahul had met up with eminent and fellow entrepreneurs during his journey from becoming a great entrepreneurial success. During the time when ARC came to the company owned by Rahul asking for help in needing more technology development, they wanted to invest more money in Rahul’s technical product, with that technology focused on their business.

This new focus actually brought Bill Gates on a visit to Rahul’s company. He was supposed to stay only 5 minutes but stayed 45 minutes. Rahul was using Microsoft technology and he had at that time 1 million drawings stored in an SQL database. At that time, nobody would dare do that. Everyone typically went with Oracle. After seeing everything Mr. Gates said, “Mr. Roy I have never seen such a gutsy entrepreneur.” That was the best compliment Rahul says he had ever received. And then people like Michael Dell came down as Rahul’s technical know how became popular.

Since then Rahul has had the opportunity to meet up with world leaders in technical wizardry in various international research conferences, technical & product seminars and various industry consortium.