With Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal.

From youngest Chief Minister of Punjab to being the oldest, Parkash Singh Badal has stood by people of Punjab in thick and thin. Shiromani Akali Dal has been a Sikh centric party and has stood against forces who tried to rip apart Punjab and the credit of such strong hold goes to Badal’s strength and leadership.

In times when Punjab was going through its worst period Badal didn’t just sit behind closed offices he walked with people of Punjab, went to jail for what he believed in – Freedom of Punjab. He even vowed to give up his political career if Congress didn’t force Punjab CM, Darbara Singh to sign the SYL Treaty. Seen as a moderate, even-tempered, and liberal leader, Badal has led Punjab towards prosperity while shielding the people of Punjab from hardships he personally had to face in the hands of Congress Government.

Parkash Singh hails from farmer family and understands the pain and hardships a farmer has to go through to put food on the table. Despite of being 88 years old he still fights like lion when it comes to protecting the rights of farmers. To make sure farmers don’t have to bear the unnecessary burdens his government is providing free electricity to farmers, to match the future requirements and to make Punjab self-sufficient world’s largest solar power plant has been established in Punjab.

Wishing him and his son Sukhbir all the best for the future!