• With Shaina Nana Chudasama (An Indian Fashion Designer, Politician, & Social Worker)

    Family Dinner with Shaina NC.

    Meeting Shaina NC for a dinner with Paro. Shaina is very clear as to her goals and people like her are needed if India is to progress.
  • With Akhilesh Yadav (20th Chief Minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh)

    Meeting Akhilesh Yadav , a dynamic leader from U.P!

    If we consider the political scenario of India, we find very few effective and influential leaders. The reason being, the majority of the political parties are still using the old ways of influencing the voters with caste based politics and we lack leaders with strong development agenda coupled with tough decision-making capabilities. To stay at […]
  • Donald Trump (45th U.S. President)

    Underdogs can be champions too! Congratulations Donald.

    I Congratulate Donald for winning the elections in 2016. A long deserving winner in this race Donald has for a long span of time been a dear friend to me and my family. I firmly believed that during his improbable rise, Trump has constantly proved the pundits and received political wisdom wrong. He was consistently […]
  • With Gavin Newsom (49th Lt. Gov. of California)

    Gavin Newsom endorsed by me for Presidency Candidature.

    Gavin Newsom wrote the book on how citizens can reshape their government in a digital age (“Citizenville”). After reading that i firmly believe that now is the time for the Democratic Party to look for a candidate beyond Hillary Rodham Clinton. Undoubtedly her Resume is vast and distinguished but for a new tech savvy population, […]
  • With Ro Khanna (An American Teacher, Lawyer, & Politician)

    Ro Khanna:Our very own Valley voice

    In the best circumstances, an election offers us to choose and craft a better future for ourselves. Several, milestones for the Indian diaspora in the US are being ticked off rapidly over the years as the Indian community has gone from strength to strength in terms of education, income, professional excellence, and influence. Hopefully in […]
  • Discussing Impacts of IT on Society in the New Century

    Felicitation by BJP

    I have always believed that standing up for what you believe in can be a very hard thing; but it is the right thing to do.  Hopefully you are standing up for the truth.  Hopefully you are standing up for what is right.  Yes it can be scary, but you have to believe it is […]
  • With Ram Madhav (Indian Politician)

    On Uri:Tribute to our brave soldiers.

    The credibility of any policy statement by a leader is judged by perceptions of his leadership and the image of the country under his leadership. A bold and realistic policy statement by the prime minister might signal a departure from our pathetic leadership and governance norms. After such an attack on the Indian Army’s outpost […]
  • On Geopolitical Realpolitik!

    IT was hard to watch the events of the last few months without a feeling of dark foreboding. The coup attempt in Turkey was no ordinary event. Even in a Third World country, it would have been a spectacular event. How could thousands of military men, including senior officers, hatch a plot of this magnitude […]
  • India: United We Stand

    Peace in the age of turbulence!

    For inspiration, we might need to re-read a speech that President John F. Kennedy gave at American University in 1963, just months before his death. Kennedy pledged his commitment to the goal of “world peace,” which he defined as “not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women—not merely peace in our […]
  • India: United We Stand

    Political View

    Rahul’s political view rotates around liberal attitude towards one and all with a touch of philanthropy and charity thrown in oxycontin.  He believes its ones duty to alleviate social ills, protect civil liberties, individual and human rights. He is a strong proponent of equal and fair opportunity for all with a mindset of giving back to the society especially […]
  • Rahul with politicians abroad

    Rahul has political connections the world over with eminent political as well as social leaders. His connections range from eminent and prestigious politicians in the United States as well as in some of the European countries. Rahul attends international research programs, policy determination conferences, business and investment summits, celebrity award ceremonies for sports and movies […]
  • With Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi in a private meeting

    Rahul with India PM

    Rahul shares a direct connection with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of India due to his excellent rapport with the Prime Minister of India – Mr. Narendra Modi. Rahul has visited the power corridors or Delhi a number of times to meet the PM. He had discussion and shared ideas on business ventures, socio-political and […]
  • With Chief Minister of West Bengal

    Rahul with West Bengal CM

    Rahul shares an exceptional bond with the Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal (India) and her party – Trinamool Congress (TMC), the ruling party of Bengal. Rahul has been to award ceremonies, functions and conferences where the CM was present and there both has healthy discussion of the current socio-political landscape of Bengal with emphasis on […]
  • Rahul with PM of India Narendra Modi in a award ceremony

    Rahul with great politicians

    Political connections galore in Rahul’s cupboard. Rahul has been a vocal proponent of improving the societal condition of the needy via philanthropy and stretch the boundaries of the system to incorporate more fair and just laws – hence the need for political connections. Rahul has been to international conferences, seminars and functions to discuss and […]