PlanWell & MirrorPlus

iMahal Interview Series: Rahul Roy
August 22, 2002

iMahal: We are not familiar with your new software and why it is so popular. Could you tell us about it?

Roy: Sure. What happened is, our application PlanWell became an industry default application for managing and searching documents, especially in the construction industry. It is growing into a complete ERP application. We have incorporated bidding into it. And it distributes drawings electronically in all formats. It actually gets rid of the need for a lot of printing. We expect it to revolutionize the construction industry. All those construction sites have those trailers, and in those trailers are racks of drawings. Our software will replace those racks with computers. Already this industry is a big user of our PlanWell application.

There are more than 2 million users of PlanWell at this time. It is a big success.