Political View

Rahul’s political view rotates around liberal attitude towards one and all with a touch of philanthropy and charity thrown in oxycontin.  He believes its ones duty to alleviate social ills, protect civil liberties, individual and human rights. He is a strong proponent of equal and fair opportunity for all with a mindset of giving back to the society especially the needy in their times of difficulty.

Rahul has deep rooted connections with politicians the world over especially in United States and India. He coordinates political fund raisers, mentors young immigrants, and funds educational charities for disadvantaged youth. The main purpose of Rahul’s political connections is to understand the crevasses of the society and put adhesives on that gap such that a fair balance can be maintained in the societal as well as business realm.

Also, Rahul says that the need for more Indians in politics USA is to help educate Americans about Indians, about Hindu people and their culture, about Muslim people and their culture.