Philanthropic Activities

Philanthropic activities is at the core of Rahul’s existence. Rahul has always been a prolific philanthropist. His boundary of charity and philanthropic activities┬árange from donating to resurrect schools, donating freely to art and cultural initiatives, donating in the education of underprivileged children, donating for business success of entrepreneurial ventures which suffer for severe fund shortage, donating to provide recognition to social activists who have been overlooked by the government, donating in government projects which caters to improving the infrastructure of an area, providing help to needy but talented individuals on a case to case basis.

Rahul’s philanthropic activities knows no bounds and he will continue as long as he possesses the power to do so. He has always felt that one should give back to the society if one has the capability to help the distressed and the underprivileged. Rahul encourages other dignitaries like him to jump into philanthropic activities if that person has the mentality and monetary capability to do so.