Peace in the age of turbulence!

For inspiration, we might need to re-read a speech that President John F. Kennedy gave at American University in 1963, just months before his death. Kennedy pledged his commitment to the goal of “world peace,” which he defined as “not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women—not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.” He urged his young audience to reject the “dangerous, defeatist belief” that “war is inevitable, that we are gripped by forces that we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are manmade—therefore they can be solved by man.” Demonstrating his sincerity, Kennedy announced that the U.S. would cease testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere.

World peace is a sine qua non for all growth and development. Unless we have peace we cannot have growth. India and all other countries aspiring for growth must come out from this quagmire of violence with Pakistan on Kashmir and then only can we expect lasting peace in the subcontinent. One musn’t replace tolerance with cowardice, peace is not an option but a necessity.