A new vision for California

Gavin Newsom and i always had a plan to reinvigorate the Economic vision of California. Fully endorse Gavin’s Eight Pillars of Economic Success for california.

Just an overview for his supporters and the public at large:

Eight pillars that are essential in delivering the Next Economy, including:

  • Gearing up Exports: Next Economy success depends on global trade and production; every sector, cluster and region must embrace exports as a core focus of its economic strategies.
  • Reinvigorating Manufacturing: The manufacturing agenda is of enormous importance for California’s competitive position and future prospects. The state needs to design its strategy to bring about a renaissance in manufacturing on a scale commensurate with its importance.
  • Driving Innovation: California, and Silicon Valley, wrote the book on innovation. Everywhere, other states and nations are resolved to write the sequel, and they are investing heavily in the capacity to do it.
  • Accelerate the Clean Economy: California is recognized as a world leader in environmental advances and the development of clean technology, as high-tech firms in the state move rapidly to expand in areas from solar energy equipment to wind turbines and new types of batteries.
  • Skill up for Opportunities: Innovating more, making more, and exporting more will produce another crucial Next Economy attribute: broader opportunities for good-paying jobs at all levels.
  • Build Infrastructure: The need for adequate infrastructure undergirds every aspect of the Next Economy agenda.
  • Align with Regional Strengths: The global economy is increasingly driven by the competition between and collaboration among an international web of high performing, interconnected metropolitan areas and regions, each serving as the resource base for powerful clusters of enterprises.
  • Organize for Success:To revitalize California’s economic competitiveness, its leaders must streamline the clutter of agencies, commissions, offices, and entities engaged in economic development.