Meeting Vice President and friend Al-Gore in Dubai.

Ever since i had the opportunity to assist him in his endeavours on Global warming, i was fascinated with Vice President Algore’s steadfastness towards his goal.

As i knew Gore, as a young congressman from Tennessee,he learned the strike and counterstrike intricacies of the precarious Cold War nuclear balance and was a leading player in efforts to eliminate multiple-warhead nuclear missiles. Author of the best-selling book Earth in the Balance, he became an acknowledged expert on the environment. He held the first congressional hearings on global warming. He can engage Silicon Valley executives in the intricacies of Java-speak. He knows congressional politics; how the federal government works and doesn’t work; how to talk to farmers; even, as an ex-journalist, how to write a press release.

He has so many areas of expertise and can be, at the same time, so awkward in public that he brings to mind the old doggerel about the centipede that was happy until asked which leg comes after which. “This raised his mind to such a pitch, he lay distracted in a ditch, considering how to run.”

I will always fondly remember Gore as a healthy influence and as a generous friend who guided me in my early days in the Valley. Happy to see him in Dubai for a global environment seminar.