Gavin Newsom endorsed by me for Presidency Candidature.

Gavin Newsom wrote the book on how citizens can reshape their government in a digital age (“Citizenville”). After reading that i firmly believe that now is the time for the Democratic Party to look for a candidate beyond Hillary Rodham Clinton. Undoubtedly her Resume is vast and distinguished but for a new tech savvy population, considering her relationship with email servers and computers, i really doubt if she will be able to pull young voters.

Verily the liberal bastions support Clinton, but she will find it tough to start the Go vote movement.Gavin is young, bright, intelligent and a hard worker. He is the revolution America needs.

On the fundraising front, there is absolutely no denying that Hillary has the monetary advantage to start with . However i fimly beleive that her financial edge can be offset by Newsom’s well-established connections to California’s deep-pocketed liberal elite and the Valley elite.

Go Gavin!