Felicitation by BJP

I have always believed that standing up for what you believe in can be a very hard thing; but it is the right thing to do.  Hopefully you are standing up for the truth.  Hopefully you are standing up for what is right.  Yes it can be scary, but you have to believe it is the right thing.

It is easier to go with the flow when your income may be affected.  It would be easier to bury your head in the sand and hope it passes you over; but if you really believe in something, if you really think it is the right thing to do than stand up for what you believe.

Bengal needs transformation and the only way it will come is through peace and communal harmony. Unless we remove fear from the hearts and minds of people Bengal cannot rise.

I am a messenger of peace, peace that is lasting and not temporary.In all eventuality it will be achieved if we take a hard look at ourselves and reevaluate our position in the society.