Underdogs can be champions too! Congratulations Donald.

I Congratulate Donald for winning the elections in 2016. A long deserving winner in this race Donald has for a long span of time been a dear friend to me and my family.

I firmly believed that during his improbable rise, Trump has constantly proved the pundits and received political wisdom wrong.

He was consistently Opposed by the entire senior hierarchy of his own Republican Party, he trounced more than a dozen better-funded and more experienced rivals in the party primary. Taken to be the underdog because of no prior background in the elections Donald has surely made his entire dedicated hard working team proud.

Trump’s message appears to have finally been embraced by much of America’s majority, disgruntled by the breath and scope of social change and economic change in the last eight years under president Obama.

I fervently hope that this is a new beginning in America’s history,after all it is the country that stands first always!