Biography: Rahul – A Dream Come True

Rahul Roy at the book
launch event of his
biographical book.

From L to R: Somenath Chatterjee
(House Speaker, Lok Sabha), Rahul Roy
and author Ranjan Banerjee

Somenath Chatterjee
catching up on ‘Rahul’ at the
Book Fair

Rahul with Sabreena,
brand ambassador for
Le Visage 2006

Rahul Roy’s sister,
Romola Mitra (R),
at the book launch event

Somenath Chatterjee giving
the inaugural speech at the Book launch
event for ‘Rahul’.Calcutta Book Fair

(From L to R) P.K. Banerji (soccer star),
Buddhadeb Basu (writer), Somenath Chatterjee
and Rahul Roy at the Book launch event.

Locket Chatterjee, film actress speaks
at the book launch of
‘Rahul – A Dream Come True’