Addressing the Sikh Community! Honoured to receive Siropa from them!

The battle at Saragrahi is the peer of the battle of Thermopylae. It is a battle fought when 21 Sikh soldiers held a fort against a horde of tribal Afghan Muslims. The credit for the record of the battle at Saragrahi goes to signalman sepoy Gurmukh Singh who was the last man killed by the Afghans. The Saragrahi battle involved a force of 21 Sikh soldiers led by Havildar Ishwar Singh facing a Moslem tribal horde of nearly 10,000 Afghans.

From my childhood days i was amazed at Sikh Valor and Courage amidst daunting challenges. I am thankful to Satnam Ahluwalia, leader of the Sikh Community in Kolkata to have felicitated me with the Siropa at the Gurudwara. I like the Sikhs believe in Seva. Seva or Service to humanity is a pillar of mankind. Unless we Indians invest in philanthropy we will not be able to rise from the chronic poverty that plagues us. The sikhs of India were the earliest proponents of Philanthropy.

My Humble obesciences to the Great Sikh Gurus!