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  • After 2008, evolve or perish!

    “Boom and bust is our lot and we must follow the ancient advice. . .that Joseph gave to the Pharaoh: Put away your surplus during the years of great plenty so you will be ready for the lean years which are sure to follow.” —Governor Jerry Brown, State of the State speech, January 2014 It’s […]

  • Rahul Roy - a man with a vision

    Rahul Roy – The man with a vision

    Mr. Rahul Roy is chief technology officer of American Reprographics Corporation (ARC) in Silicon Valley. He is also the owner of the software development arm of ARC. Mr. Roy is a vocal proponent of political involvement and local charity in the adopted country, America, of the many successful first-generation Indian entrepreneurs. He coordinates political fund […]

  • Rahul Roy –a leader

    Rahul Roy – The charismatic leader

    Rahul is a charismatic leader with an entrepreneurial inclination. Rahul has all the traits which has ushered him towards path of being the ultimate motivator and mentor apart from being a great leader. The following characteristics define the way Rahul conducts his leadership: With humility, surrendering his way when it’s not the best way With intentionality, continuing […]

  • IMG_0847

    Rahul Roy – The eminent speaker

    Rahul has always been a vociferous speaker with the vigil and tenacity to mesmerize the masses and keep them enthralled with his strong voice and perfect usage of language. Rahul is an influential speaker with an eye towards detail and with a motivational edge. The knowledge that Rahul possesses and his unconventional way of explaining any complicated […]

  • Billgates

    Rahul with fellow visionaries

    Rahul had met up with eminent and fellow entrepreneurs during his journey from becoming a great entrepreneurial success. During the time when ARC came to the company owned by Rahul asking for help in needing more technology development, they wanted to invest more money in Rahul’s technical product, with that technology focused on their business. This new focus […]

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  • DSC_0917

    Philanthropic Activities

    Philanthropic activities is at the core of Rahul’s existence. Rahul has always been a prolific philanthropist. His boundary of charity and philanthropic activities range from donating to resurrect schools, donating freely to art and cultural initiatives, donating in the education of underprivileged children, donating for business success of entrepreneurial ventures which suffer for severe fund shortage, […]

  • 12715575_10153481704379895_5081384629545560791_n-252x189

    Rahul with School Children

    Rahul’s Roy Foundation which is a charity, philanthropic and fund distribution company has always worked for the betterment of society and has been involved with helping school children from the start. Rahul loves to spend time with children and that is why he decided to dedicate better part of his time, energy, money & resources to […]

  • RoyFoundation100

    Social Activities

    Rahul is deeply involved in social activities which caters to helping the needy and the poor. Rahul has organized rallies in remote Indian villages to distribute goods and money to poor and needy in those areas. He has been part of social functions and award ceremonies which have been organized to give approval and recognition […]

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    Cultural Inclinations

    Rahul’s cultural inclination dates back to his childhood days where he used to attend pujas (prayer ceremonies) and ceremonies which were an inherent part of his family stature. Even today whenever he finds time he lets himself immerse in the cultural juggernaut of the pujas. During the pujas he likes to be part of the […]

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    Political View

    Rahul’s political view rotates around liberal attitude towards one and all with a touch of philanthropy and charity thrown in.  He believes its ones duty to alleviate social ills, protect civil liberties, individual and human rights. He is a strong proponent of equal and fair opportunity for all with a mindset of giving back to the society especially the […]

  • Rahul-Al-Gore-2-252x189

    Rahul with politicians abroad

    Rahul has political connections the world over with eminent political as well as social leaders. His connections range from eminent and prestigious politicians in the United States as well as in some of the European countries. Rahul attends international research programs, policy determination conferences, business and investment summits, celebrity award ceremonies for sports and movies […]

  • pic

    Rahul with India PM

    Rahul shares a direct connection with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of India due to his excellent rapport with the Prime Minister of India – Mr. Narendra Modi. Rahul has visited the power corridors or Delhi a number of times to meet the PM. He had discussion and shared ideas on business ventures, socio-political and […]

  • rahul-sir-with-cm

    Rahul with West Bengal CM

    Rahul shares an exceptional bond with the Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal (India) and her party – Trinamool Congress (TMC), the ruling party of Bengal. Rahul has been to award ceremonies, functions and conferences where the CM was present and there both has healthy discussion of the current socio-political landscape of Bengal with emphasis on […]

  • pol5

    Rahul with great politicians

    Political connections galore in Rahul’s cupboard. Rahul has been a vocal proponent of improving the societal condition of the needy via philanthropy and stretch the boundaries of the system to incorporate more fair and just laws – hence the need for political connections. Rahul has been to international conferences, seminars and functions to discuss and […]

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    Rahul in Social Gatherings

    Rahul has a knack for becoming the central of point of attraction in social gatherings. Rahul enjoys the company of like minded people where he can share his ideas on business, society, politics & charity. A lot of innovative ideas come up in social gatherings which are later dissipated as entrepreneurial ideas and help improving the […]

  • IMG_0853

    Rahul’s Rides

    Rahul always had a passion for fast cars, luxury yachts, tech-enhanced jets. Rahul believes in enjoying life to the fullest and no compromise when it is the case for transport. Rahul owns a number of seriously fast, modern, luxury and ultimate feature rich cars. These cars serve the dual purpose of reaching a destination quick […]

  • DSC_0653

    Rahul’s Penthouse

    Rahul has a Penthouse which is a mix of architectural innovations, modern luxurious facilities with an inclination towards cultural designs. Rahul’s Penthouse has seen the footfall of a lot of eminent personalities for various purpose and reasons. The house overlooks the city from a vantage point thereby providing a scenic view to visitors. Rahul has had […]

  • cele10

    Rahul with Celebrities

    Rahul has always been attracted by the glamour and flamboyance of the film industry and the sporting personnel. So whenever he gets a chance, he meets up with various celebrities from a large gamut of fields, especially the film industry, sporting business & cultural societies. Rahul has been invited to parties of various film and […]

  • family2


    Rahul in the core of his heart is a family man who garners strength from the bond which he shares with his family members. His father was a big business man in the state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) in India. His father inspired Rahul to fight it out in tough situations. Rahul says he comes from […]

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