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  • Thoughtful Rahul.

    The Game of Numbers!

    THERE is more than one way to cry foul in India, and in economic affairs, the path of least resistance is to allege that the numbers have been tampered with. Most recently, the allegation of number tampering has returned with a report by an New Delhi-based think tank alleging that the GDP growth rate for […]
  • Interview with Rahul Roy

    On Jan Dhan & beyond: Poverty Eradication in India

    As we embarked on a period of planning after independence, import substitution constituted a major component of India’s trade and industrial policies. Planners, more or less, chose to ignore the option of foreign trade as a stimulant of economic growth. This was primarily due to the highly pessimistic view taken on the potential of export […]
  • Rahul with Billgates

    After 2008, evolve or perish!

    “Boom and bust is our lot and we must follow the ancient advice. . .that Joseph gave to the Pharaoh: Put away your surplus during the years of great plenty so you will be ready for the lean years which are sure to follow.” —Governor Jerry Brown, State of the State speech, January 2014 It’s […]
  • IMG_3572

    Felicitation by BJP

    I have always believed that standing up for what you believe in can be a very hard thing; but it is the right thing to do.  Hopefully you are standing up for the truth.  Hopefully you are standing up for what is right.  Yes it can be scary, but you have to believe it is […]
  • ram madhv and rahul

    On Uri:Tribute to our brave soldiers.

    The credibility of any policy statement by a leader is judged by perceptions of his leadership and the image of the country under his leadership. A bold and realistic policy statement by the prime minister might signal a departure from our pathetic leadership and governance norms. After such an attack on the Indian Army’s outpost […]
  • rr1

    On Geopolitical Realpolitik!

    IT was hard to watch the events of the last few months without a feeling of dark foreboding. The coup attempt in Turkey was no ordinary event. Even in a Third World country, it would have been a spectacular event. How could thousands of military men, including senior officers, hatch a plot of this magnitude […]
  • Rahul awarding Children

    Visiting & Supporting St Stephens Bowbazaar!

    My fellow friend Imran Zaki has been helping impoverished children find a new light by supporting and promoting patriotism in schools. Best Schooling happens when  parents, families, and members of the impoverished community are involved with schools, all children benefit. Community participation is required to transform our young minds into learned responsible citizens of India. […]
  • rahul with sikh people

    Addressing the Sikh Community! Honoured to receive Siropa from th....

    The battle at Saragrahi is the peer of the battle of Thermopylae. It is a battle fought when 21 Sikh soldiers held a fort against a horde of tribal Afghan Muslims. The credit for the record of the battle at Saragrahi goes to signalman sepoy Gurmukh Singh who was the last man killed by the […]
  • rahul eminent speaker

    Views on the subcontinent

    What do you call a war in which both sides claim they won, but none have anything to show for the ‘victory’? History is replete with examples of conflicts of this sort, in which the only victory was the one of rhetoric over reality, made easy by an atmosphere that has reduced people to the […]
  • rahul speaks at award function

    Awarding Shreya Ghoshal at NABC,Houston.

    We awarded Shreya Ghoshal with an award at the North American Bengali Convention 2015 for her fabulous singing at Houston. NABC is one the best platforms for artists from India to showcase their talent in front of a highly erudite and august audience.
  • Rahul-Family

    Family first:Everyday & Always

    Almost every family tradition has its roots in necessity. Over time, that necessity becomes nostalgia, and eventually, it becomes a way for families to relate and connect with one another. In fact, as families evolve and change, those traditions once again become necessities, as they assume new meaning in the context of our need to […]
  • Dubai is always a charm

    Dubai Times.

    Visited Dubai to catch up with old friends, Harvey. Bengali superstar Dev caught with us. Dubai is a magnificent city. Burj-Al-Arab is generally where I stay when i am there. The hotel offers magnificent views over the Arabian sea.